Product Performance Information
The piston (5) is moved by the electromagnetic field generated by the single wave diode rectified current flowing through the coil (4). Each current pulse moves the piston against the pressure spring (3). This movement by reducing the volume in the suction chamber, opens the valve (6) set in the piston to let the liquid run into the pressure side. When the current pulse ceases, the pressure spring pushes back the piston toward the pressure side. The increase of pressure closes the piston valve and the liquid flows through the valve (7) set in the pressure connection (8) and into the pressure pipe. This movement creates a low pressure in the suction chamber which opens the valve (2) set in the suction connection (1). The liquid is sucked into the pump and the cycle starts again, 50 times per second (at 50 Hz).

The piston size and the length of its displacement defines the flow rate. The pressure limits itself automatically. The pump will run without damage when the liquid flow is stopped momentarily, The pump works not only tied to the standard voltage and frequency but can be controlled by a frequency regulation or a pulse control unit.


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