Gotec Pumps Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for the Gotec SA range of high quality electromagnetic piston pumps. Manufactured in Switzerland, they conform to the highest standards, such as UL, CE and many other approvals to suit applications in various countries and industries. The pumps are deceptively simple in design, but their very simplicity makes them both robust and reliable with a minimum of moving parts. The applications for Gotec pumps are many and varied, from drink dispensers to chemical dosing. Manufacturing is carried out using the most modern working methods and practices in a purpose-built factory which holds all relevant quality standards and is ISO 9001 assessed.
 All Gotec products meet ROHS and Reach standards  and can also offer NSF/FDA comatibilty.
Gotec Pumps Ltd. has over 30 years experience in the application, sales and marketing of this superb product range.
Other products include Rotary vane pumps and Condensate pumps. for more information go to

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Gotec Pumps Ltd is also the UK agent for Eckerle Hydaulics and Eckerle Electronics who are the parent company of Gotec SA.
Their range of product are Hydraulic gear pumps Condensate pumps and Electronic ballasts for specialty lighting. for more in formation about Eckerle go to
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